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Beard Oil


(3 customer reviews)

Steel Wool ultimate beard oils.

Designed to nourish and moisturise your skin and beard, a 100% natural and is homemade with great care in Texas, USA.

Here are the numerous benefits of Steel Wool Beard Oil:

Naturally high in Vitamin A, B1, B6 and E
Restores damaged hair
Reduces Hair Loss
Promotes beard growth for thin or patchy beards
Moisturizer for beard and skin
Helps with eczema under the beard
Helps to alleviate inflammation, itching and dandruff
Very relaxing and long-lasting, fresh, natural scent.


The best time to use the oil is directly after washing your beard with hot water e.g. after a hot shower. When your skin is still hot/warm, the pores of your skin are more open which allows the oil to be absorbed better.

Put 1-2 pumps of oil into the palm of your hand, then rub hands together and rub into your beard from the roots outwards. A good practice is to massage the oil into your skin under your beard which encourages blood flow to the roots of your hair which leads to better hair growth.

The frequency of use is at your own discretion, but most men with thicker beards use the oil twice a day

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3 reviews for Beard Oil

  1. Terry Rose

    Beard Oil Smells Very Good. Adds Shine To My Beard & Good Hair Growth. I Just Had To Order More Lol

  2. Dj Wild Child

    My local gym gave me a sample of this to try and out the gate I was completely impressed! I’ve used many high-end expensive beard oils and this is the only one I’ve completely run out of. The soft tones make it easy an easy compliment to other products. Its a must have for guys who want a thick, easily manageable beard!

  3. Lonze’ Ruffins

    I purchased some the beard balm, beard brand oil & one of the steel wool combs for my fiancé. I decided that I was going to share the beard balm with my fiancé lol. I know it’s not right for me to just take over one of the products that I purchased specifically for him however, I just couldn’t resist the smell & most of all how soft it made my hands feel when he allowed me to try a small amount on my hands at the “Afro Soka Marketing Mixer.”

    I use the beard balm on my hands & feet and he uses it on his beard,hand & feet. Crap, I should have purchased 2cans.

    Looks like I can say goodbye to my coco butter that I have been using for over 13yrs. My skin is so soft, thanks to Palmers-CoCoa Butter but Hello~ ya got to go bc dis shit smell sooooo good & has my skin feeling so damn smooth/soft. Even after it has been on for several hours my skin still feels so freaking soft.

    I loved the way the beard oil gave my fiancé’s beard such a nice shine & his beard even looked soft. He uses the V05 to co-wash his beard however these products are so good we may try their co-wash.

    Thanks for coming to the Afro Soka, u made my day!

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