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How to Choose a Beard Oil Scent

You’ve made the decision to treat your beard like the star it is but now you have questions. Why even use beard oil in the first place? How do I choose which beard oil scent is right for me? What are the best smelling beard oil scents?

Not only do we carry the very best in beard care products, including the best smelling beard oil scents, but we also have all of the answers to your questions below. Keep reading, bearded friend!

Why Use Beard Oil?

There are many reasons to regularly apply beard oil, one of the primary ones being the scent. We’ll discuss that in more detail later and focus on the health and look benefits of beard oil for now.

For starters, our Day Tonic gives your beard added volume, shine and UV protection which is crucial for keeping your beard healthy. Since our Day Tonic uses a non-greasy, lightweight formula you’re going to get all-day softness in return. The only thing better than a soft beard is a soft beard that smells great (more on beard oil scents in a minute).

We don’t stop there – our Night Elixir is specially formulated to nourish your beard and lock in moisture overnight. This is the perfect oil to finish your daily beard care routine. Don’t be surprised if you dream better and sleep deeper with the right beard oil scent riding shotgun with you under the covers.

Choosing a Beard Oil Scent

Since your beard sits right underneath your nose, we think it’s only right that you find a beard oil scent that you absolutely love. While your beard oil scent of choice doesn’t have to necessarily define you as a person, it can accent your vibe in a way most accessories cannot.

Are you a naturally energetic person with a positive vibe? Viking Honor, with its suave, intoxicating effect, might be your beard oil scent. Maybe you’re more down-to-earth and spirited? Your beard oil scent, Viking Storm, contains Sandalwood undertones which pair nicely with what you’re all about. Perhaps you want to go the minimalist route and you want your beard oil scent to be nonexistent but you also want the benefits of applying high-grade products to your beard? You cannot go wrong with Loki Unscented.

Whatever you’re about, we are confident we have a beard oil scent that matches and accentuates your personality.

The Best Smelling Beard Oil Scents

The best smelling beard oil scents are ones that are not too strong, that sit just perfectly on the spectrum of smells. The Asgardian Secret is most certainly a candidate for our best smelling beard oil scent. It’s a woodsy intricate blend of sandalwood, vanilla, and bergamot (which has a naturally distinctive, heady fragrance and flavor). This beard oil scent gives you a sensual, soft, harmonious, and exotically rich smell that promotes an exhilarating sensation. When it comes to beard oil scents, it’s going to be very hard to beat The Asgardian Secret.

Beard Oil Scent Guide

To recap our beard oil scents, here’s a quick guide of what we offer at The Beard Struggle. All of our products are made using only the finest, healthiest ingredients, all coming together to give your beard the very best beard oil scents on the market.

Viking Honor: An exotic balance of suave, creamy, buttery nuances of Bergamot and Lime that are both intoxicating, and sweet, with notes of Peppermint which invites an energetic and invigorating sensation.

Viking Storm: Strong masculine notes of Oakmoss & musk blend with the freshness of apple & patchouli, while rich amber and soft hints of vanilla sensualize & seduce.

Freya’s Bliss: A mellow, euphoric, and calming ocean florally fresh essence with a hint of pine that is both refreshing and uplifting with earthy Cedarwood and harmonious Lime undertones.

Loki Unscented: Just as the name suggests, a very low-key (Loki) and unscented blend.

Asgardian Secret: A woodsy intricate blend of sandalwood, vanilla, and bergamot to give you a sensual, soft, harmonious, and exotically rich scent that promotes a vivid and euphoric sensation.

Ragnarok Finale: A sweet, opulent, warm, and sharp Vanilla and patchouli base with a smoky, and woody Cedarwood and balsam earthiness.

Valkyrie’s Oud: A sweet, vinylic, peppery, and acrid Oud scent, with pleasingly luxurious, and sensual Vanilla note and a spicy, and sweet Bergamot aroma.

Odin’s Virtue: A sweet intricate blend of apple, cinnamon, and agarwood (oud) to give you a sweet, warm, charmingly woodsy, and alluring scent that lasts! Perfect for the holidays!

Valhalla’s Gates: Citrus, Amber with Sandalwood and Vanilla.

(NEW) Vanir’s Wisdom: A fresh, flowery, woody scent to keep things light on the battlefield.

(NEW) Aesir’s Triumph: Celebrate your triumphs with this whiskey, tobacco, sandalwood, cedar, cinnamon, and vanilla scent.

(NEW) Alfheim’s Forest: A woody, leathery scent that will transport you into the heart of the great forest blooming with flowers.

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