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Ways To Growing A Steel Beard

Man with epic beard - This is how to grow a beard

Some men want to learn how to fly, some, how to surf, some even want to learn how to boil an egg (yes, this is the second most searched for ‘How to’ skill on Google under the letter ‘B’ 🙂 ). But if you really are a man’s man, then you should learn How to Beard!

Growing a beard is a lifestyle. It is a commitment. Therefore, in this post, I will walk through 7 essential steps on growing an EPIC beard!

Whether you are struggling to grow a beard or whether you already have the beard-growing power of a Viking, which inevitably makes you the envy of most men, this post should help as a checklist to ensure your beard reaches its true potential.


  • The Toolbox
  • Step 1. Know Why You Want To Grow A Beard
  • Step 2. Let It Grow And Be Patient
  • Step 3. Trimming
  • Step 4. Why Use A Wooden Comb
  • Step 5. Styling
  • Step 6. Get Some Beard Oil
  • Step 7. What You Must Never Do To Your Beard


Your beard is important and it needs to be maintained properly, therefore, your beard needs its very own toolbox.

So what are the essentials to have in your toolbox? Here are 3 of the main tools you need to make sure that your beard is kept looking, feeling and smelling great:

  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Balm
  • Comb

How To Beard In 7 Simple Steps:

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